When it comes to playing a few rounds of the gentlemen game you might get bored. If you want to spice things up and make the game fun for a change, you’ll want to do a few things that will change things up. Now, it’s important to understand that you don’t keep score on fun games because you may not get too far under par, but it will help you have a little more fun alone or with friends. Remember, this can help you maintain a sense of fun and joy when things start to seem mundane.


The first thing that you can do is rush through the different holes. Play a round or two with speed and you’ll find that you can really have a bit of fun on the green. Don’t take your time lining up, simply set your tee down and hit as hard as you can and try to get to the end of the course fast. The winner here will be the one that finishes first not the one with the lowest handicap. This will shake things up and really make things pop on boring days.


When in doubt, always go with this fan favorite and that’s the miniature style game. You’ll find wacky courses, windmills, and strategic shots that will require you to use only your putter and play. This might seem like a mundane thing, but take it as a learning experience and apply some of your knowledge of the grown up game to the small time. Remember, this is about having some fun instead of being so serious, so enjoy the time you have with your favorite putter and see what you can do when the stakes are a little lower.


You want a challenge? Fore go your own set of clubs and rent a whole set and see who amongst the crew can really play the game. You’ll find that this will not only test your skills it will test your focus because you’ll need to pay close attention to your swing. This might take you some time to get used to, but it will produce a very interesting afternoon. Remember, this is mean for fun so don’t let things get too heated, and enjoy the challenge of a day off from the serious game that can envelope your time.


The above tips for having a little fun aren’t meant to be taken too seriously. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to compete here and if you have friends, present the ideas as a way to shake things up a little bit. No one wants routine, and these things can actually help you to relieve a little stress. Rushing, playing with rented clubs, or simply going to play some miniature golf can really help with so much more than your swing. The next time you feel like you’re in the doldrums with your game, try something new, and refreshing. Test the waters here and then try other games that could make the game a lot more fun for a change.

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