Of the many sports today, golf is definitely one of the most promising. It has a laid-back type of game play, which allures many into trying out the sport. The green pastures on its course certainly contribute to the sport’s popularity. Among all the other sports, the said sport offers a very wide and huge “court” with nature inclined to its offerings.


Golfers tend to feel a sense of relaxation due to the calmness of the whole play and its surroundings. A course appears as good as it is due to proper maintenance which must be meticulously observed dealing with the greeneries.


A golf course superintendent (GCS) is primarily responsible for professionally managing all the resources on hand in order to provide care and maintenance to the turfgrass and scenery grounds on the course.


As associated with their job, they are sometimes referred to as “greenkeepers” or turf managers. GCSs cautiously deal with the weather, environment and all other factors which might influence the landscapes. Some may compare their jobs in gardening, but what they do is way more complicated than that or a simple gardener.


There is a science-based method behind the turfgrass and it requires complex steps and pass right through the whole year to maintain its appeal. These greenkeepers must have much knowledge of environmental science, chemistry, plant pathology and entomology.


The GCSAA officially certifies turf managers. In order to qualify for the certification program, factors related to education and others are considered. Once their application is deemed eligible, he or she must provide a collection of job examples, case studies and ability statements which must all be approved by two obtainable CGCS.


A thorough closed book exam must then be submitted along with the portfolio. Lastly, the superintendent’s current facility is checked and must be approved by two Certified Superintendents. Once certified, supervisors are required to attend courses and service activities related to their future tasks in course protection. They must be well-prepared for their tasks ahead.


A fairway maintains its tranquil ambience due to appropriate handling. The whole process of maintaining that much space and greeneries is considered a craft. Maintenance of the pastures is more than just watering the grass. It entails a lot of study and efforts to make sure the grounds are perfect for golfing. Little do people know about GCS, but without them, a game of golf is nearly impossible. They study their tasks specifically and look for the most efficient ways to preserve the health of the pasture. It would be safe to say that these superintendents are much like environmental stewards as they help maintain nature with their skills.


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