A highly crafted mountain axe is as good as the woodcutter who uses it. Place it in the hands of an amateur and it would take 3 hours to cut a Pine. Give it to a more experienced man, and he would cut it in less than 10 minutes. With that example in mind, a good club would only be as good as the golfer.


If one is just beginning to play the sport but has enough interest and maybe even the money to invest on some good equipment, it is wiser to buy better quality clubs rather than starting with something substandard—it would both save time and money. This article will serve as a basic guide for beginning good club selection and guide people towards a more rewarding and fulfilling game.

Here are 8 steps to give a head start.
1. Know and be clear about your Goals

First one has to know if Golf is something being seriously considered pursuing. If one’s ambition is to only play with his cousin twice a year, there is no need for allocating a budget big enough to spend. However if one’s ambition is high, than they should consider on investing a good starting set of clubs.

2. Assess the Interest and Dedication level

Don’t waste money on expensive clubs if it’s only going to be stacked up back at the garage. Assess your level of interest. Does one see himself pursuing the sport with more time and effort?

3. New or 2nd hand?

If a person is still unsure with his commitment and dedication with the sport then using 2nd hand clubs is a better option. Also, it is easily replaceable and can be very much cheaper.

4. Allocate you Budget

A good option for beginners is to buy an inexpensive starter set. Clubs could be very expensive some ranging from $2,000 to even $10,000 and one has to choose wisely if he doesn’t have any real intention with following through.

5. Knowing the Shaft

Two kinds of shafts used for clubs are the shaft composition (steel and graphite) and shaft-flex (flexible shafts). Understanding both would give better awareness with what type of clubs to choose.

6. Get Club-fitted

It is highly encouraged to get club-fitted as a person gets his first set of clubs. Depending on the height, a standard all-size-fits-all set of clubs fits for a 5”10 male. If one is either shorter or taller than that, get club-fitted.

7. Training Wheel Clubs

Or mostly called “game improvement clubs”. These clubs have higher moments of physical inertia and lower centers of gravity. These are designed to improve a person’s golf swing up until they could handle more stiff-shafted and less forgiving clubs.

8. Asking for Directions never hurts

Shop and ask around at a local Golf shop for different advices, and tips on what they’d recommend. According to the type of level of experience, skill and expertise that a person has they would also be able to best assess what’s best for a newbie golfer—it’s a great way to get ideas.

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