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A Marathon Golf Fundraiser and Your Local Businesses

Using a marathon golf fundraiser to raise money can be a really fun way to be successful. You and your organization can potentially raise surplus funds with this easy method. This is especially true if you reach out to some of the local businesses in the area as well as perform simple networking plans.

Local businesses like to be able to help out local causes. It creates a sense of unity between the organization and the business and therefore it can benefit both sides. While networking with people who are already acquainted with people in your organization can’t be overlooked, neither can the power of local business participation. Each has its benefits and drawbacks but the combination of the two makes your marathon golf fundraiser even more likely to a fun success.

You can start simply. Just asking local area businesses to offer participation to their employees, customers, and people they know is one of the easiest ways to get the lines of communication open. You can often leave flyers or postcards behind and ask them to make them readily available. Bringing the public into your event is part of what will make the event so great.

You may very well not get a huge crowd from this effort. That’s perfectly fine because the bulk of your new donors will come from the networking side. Networking is about pulling in the professional crowd that is already affiliated with people inside the organization but has never necessarily been part of the fundraising, membership, or participation efforts before. Business associates and other likely individuals are more likely to join in when the networking takes place in an appropriate manner. The pull you have from the businesses might be small but it can still be quite helpful.

Part of what you’re doing the first time around is creating a foundation. That foundation will eventually grow with some of the local businesses. You can invite the businesses to form teams for the marathon golf fundraiser and enter as a competitive group. You can also help the business by giving them honorable mention in programs and other literature. You can set a minimum number of participants required for this type of action.Golf Marathon Fundraiser at dusk

Not every local business is going to jump on your idea. Yet if you are persistent and you are ready to ask numerous businesses to help promote your fundraising efforts you will find that the overall return rating is really quite good. Each business that participates is one more business that is helping your organization to grow. Whether it’s through recognition, name, or awareness your local businesses can be a vital player in the future fundraising events.

A golf marathon fundraiser can have an unlimited number of people and the more places that you find to simply invite people to come and join you the greater your chances are that there will be a positive reaction throughout the community. Connecting with local businesses is a great way to connect with community that surrounds you even if there have been differences in the past.

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