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Golf Tournament Fundraising Connects With Community

There are many reasons to hold a golf tournament fundraiser, including the ability to connect with the community around your organization. In the effort to develop a strong financial base, one of the more important aspects is developing community support. This translates into more revenue through active memberships, new donors, and larger successes with all of your activities.

Golfing is a highly popular sport, and holding a fundraising event that involves activities for all skill levels will help you connect with the community that can help improve your financial status. Regardless of where your organization is located you can develop the kind of connection with those who can take a financial interest in your activities. When you are ready to create a relationship with those who are part of the big picture the networking skills of your staff and volunteers will be put into place. Spouses of staff and volunteers can also be a huge benefit. Many times there is one member of the family with excellent contacts that can invite a number of families to your golfing event.

Networking is really just about understanding how to incorporate the link between the people within your organization and the people they know. So often, the potential for successful networking is overlooked because it is assumed that your volunteers and their spouses are unwilling to ask other families to join them at a fun event. This is in no way putting people out, but rather encouraging them to be inclusive. When everyone acts from a place of inclusion, there is nothing but ease in the transition into a new way of spreading your invitations.

Of course, it makes sense to invite those who are invited to also invite a few families to join the fun. When this request is repeated several layers deep you end up with the fastest and most effective way to gain more participants. The more participants you have showing up to your golf tournament fundraiser the more entrenched your organization becomes within the community.

During the planning stages of your event you will want to make sure that the networkers have a list of highlights to use when they are inviting people they know. Spreading the word that there will be events for the kids, the tournament, and additional fun activities can be much more appealing. Not everyone in the family is going to be a golfer. Having side games and other fun stuff going on throughout the event is a great way to include the non-golfing family and friends that are invited. In many ways, it can serve as a great introduction to golf or the chance to have an family friendly day instead of leaving the family behind to go play a round.

A golf tournament fundraiser is going to help you gain a larger base of donors and potential members, but it is also going to give your organization a chance to reach out to the community in a special and interesting way. Establishing this connection can make a huge difference in the future of your organization.

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