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Ideas for Better Fundraising

Relationships make a difference

Being able to develop a whole new level of stability in your organization’s fund raising is paramount to being able to build an effective organization surrounded by dedicated and loyal supporters.  It means everything to your organization if your partners are truly inspirited by your mission vs. being coerced into giving.  And the chances of leaving a legacy to the next generation of givers and recipients of worthy causes are what it’s all about.   If you are ready for this type of success, we are here to assist you.  We have a credible track record of building this type of trust, and look forward to helping you do the same.

Having partners that want to be a part of your vision is critical to being successful in the non profit world for future generations.  These partners actually “want” to give.  It’s up to you to help them fulfill their purpose.  Imagine what it would mean if everyone in your organization were dedicated to the future generations, not just the current campaign.  Bringing these team members together in a common purpose is something that we can do very effectively.

Many organizations have discovered in recent years that they can no longer rely on the large donors that came through in the past.  Peoples vision changes, their businesses suffer during economic tough times, and they pass on in life.  If the vision is not shared with future generations, and those future generations included in the process, those funders are lost to a whole new generation of fundraisers.


That’s one reason that we at Profund are so committed to offering programs that all agents of family members can participate in.  Today’s children are tomorrow’s givers, and our non profit partners have such great causes, it is a paramount part of our mission statement to insure that they carry on through the future generations.

While many organizations have become dependent on telemarketing and direct mail, many of them are learning that these methods may be a great way for finding new donors, but lifelong donors require good relationships to last into future generations.

We’ll discuss more ideas in future writings about how to reward these donors for their loyalty.


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