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Easy Fundraising is Possible When All You Have to Focus on is the Relationships with Your Partners

Easy fundraising isn’t easy when it doesn’t bring in money. For any organization trying to develop a reasonable resource the term “easy” often doesn’t seem to fit. That notion alone is essential in understanding whether or not your organization is really making the most out of your fundraising time. If your members are finding their fundraising tasks to be difficult and laborious then perhaps it’s time to look at different alternatives. When it comes right down to it, there are many more options than most fundraising chairpersons are aware of, and the need for alternatives is quite significant among most groups.

Laboring hard for weeks on end only to come up with small amounts of money is a really good way to ensure that your members no longer participate in fundraising efforts. But if all that was really required was simple relationship building and maintenance, the ease of building up funds becomes pleasurable.

Relationship building creates easy fundraising. With a little bit of training it’s possible to have enjoyable conversations with your partners while developing a steady stream of income for your organization. That’s raising funds the fun and relaxed way. Having well defined discussions that encourage your donors to contribute, to network on your behalf, and to continue to support your cause creates relief for those organizations who have been carried by the tireless efforts of the few. We all know that when raising funds is difficult or tiresome and doesn’t yield any real profits that it’s the continuous efforts of just a few individuals that keep the organization alive. After all, who wants to devote their time to something that doesn’t seem to have a benefit? Profit is important when asking your members to step up and raise funds.

The ways that organizations are raising the necessary funds to continue their good work in the community are changing dramatically. Those organizations that don’t keep up with the changing face of fundraising are likely to find that they just run out of steam. Without growth it’s almost impossible for any organization to develop and maintain its place within the community. Thus, it’s vital that all non-profits that rely on fundraising efforts learn how to develop contacts and maintain their relationship with them. This is where the true potential lies.

Easy fundraising is not only possible but it’s actually vital. This is especially true for organizations that rely solely on volunteers to perform their fundraising efforts. If you put too much strain on the volunteers, the volunteers tend to move onto other organizations that don’t push them so hard. When non-profits rely on the efforts of employees for the raising of the funds, much time is wasted on small campaigns that yield little profit. It’s just not enough because the old methods of laborious campaigns are still being used. For real results you have to empower the entire organization and give them access to easy fundraising that actually works.

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