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Fundraiser Questions and Answers

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about ProFund and our campaigns.

What Makes Your Fundraising Strategies different than others? Have you ever noticed with fundraising, that there is a lot of effort put into the event but not so much into fundraising? It always seems like the event gets all the glory and the fundraising is only a side-effect. It should be the other way around, the prospect of FUNDRAISING should always be at the forefront. Because of this, we have found ways to take the 95% of time spent on fundraising, into a massive Profund campaign. It’s not the same events that everyone sees. It takes advantage of the time and energy spent, creating an equation that brings more donors and volunteers. It’s a time saver that produces an increase in contributions. ProFund has realized the full potential of implementing volunteers instead of staff personnel. Staff should be reserved for other important tasks within the organization. Profund campaigns believe that a team of volunteers is more sensible than adding tasks to the staff’s plates. How easy is the ProFund System to implement? Throughout 6,000 campaigns and raising more than $240 million, ProFund has simplified its system as much as possible. Each campaign has helped lead to the system that has found its way to helping many nonprofit organizations. What do we have to do to be successful with your system? Our team will assign you a ProFund Consultant to help you be successful. Among the tasks, creating a team of leaders built from volunteers. Need help finding them? We will assist with recruiting up to 3 quality volunteers. These volunteers will be responsible for specific duties that will be short in nature. Is it difficult to collect sponsorship pledges? Absolutely not! As a fully automated system, ProFund has grown to be increasingly effective. When utilizing this system, organizations have collected 95% or more of pledges and many go on to collect more than expected! Please tell me more Our successful track record is based off our training, campaign managing, recruiting and assistance with the conception a campaign management website just for you. You won’t be on your own, all of this takes place and soars with the help of a ProFund Consultant. Each move you take will be carefully observed to ensure you get the best results on the day of your fundraiser. Most often, a ProFund campaign needs around 12 weeks of preparation for the best results. During the first couple of weeks, your team will be gathered and start training. This does bring about some pledges as the volunteers learn the ropes. Before the fundraiser is held, running a fun event for your team will help with group motivation and other volunteer incentives.

What, specifically, does ProFund provide? Not only do you receive thorough training from your ProFund consultant, but you will get continual coaching to endow your accomplishments. It begins with the team working on recruiting and fundraising, while the volunteers focus solely on their pledges and the proven format through ProFund. How does ProFund make their money? ProFund gets compensation from consultation, training, materials, development, website creation and the use of its licensed program. But, the fees ProFund’s collects are of the lowest percentage in its industry. Ultimately, we are partners with you and share in your success. What’s the risk to our organization? There is NO risk to you! By following ProFund’s proven and authenticated system and training, a failure will not occur. The experience ProFund has, will launch your team into reaching successful results. ProFund exceeds expectations and will pay for itself in the initial stage and through continuing fundraising events. Why is the ProFund System so innovative? The innovation for ProFund comes by the structure of creating new, enlightened and prevailing team for the sponsoring organization. Volunteers are matched with their strengths and with each duty divided accordingly, it saves time and brings in a mound of first-time donors for your fundraising! For more information, or to get started with your fundraising campaign, click here to contact us


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