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Golf Fundraisers are Effective When Done the Profund Way

Partnering with ProfundGolf fundraisers can be a fantastic way for any organization to raise the additional funds that are essential to the operational costs associated with non-profits. Instead of walking door to door to sell candy bars or wrapping paper, active and fun fundraisers tend to attract a crowd in a whole new way. It’s no longer necessary to spend countless hours soliciting from strangers on their doorstep.

There are various aspects of golf fundraisers that you might question if you’ve never done them before. For starters, is it essential that you are proficient with your golf club? No one within your organization even has to ever have stepped on the fairway before. The idea to drum up some participants for charity, not to have a remarkably competitive expert level game. So, anyone can jump in and play. Having a good time and raising money is much more effective than dragging members out for a door to door campaign.

You might also wonder how to set up your tee time, your marketing, and all the little details that go right along with this type of fundraising. Frankly, this is why it’s effective to choose an organization to help make sure you get the most out of your time on the course. Profund has successfully helped all kinds of organizations, churches, and schools gather thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in fundraising money. They understand the needs of non-profits and they understand some of the constraints that they operate under, which makes them the perfect fundraising developer to back any cause.

Profund isn’t just about golf. It’s really about fundraising. The idea was born from the need to implement a larger base and develop a stronger first time donor base. For any non-profit organization, this can mean the difference between survival and closing the doors. Without new donors, eventually the donor base dries up and the funds become severely limited. By doing golf fundraisers with Profund, non-profits not only get to have an excellent fundraising idea but they get to have personalize and professional help while simultaneously being trained to become self sufficient at performing 5 and 6 figure fundraisers.

It’s all too common for organizations to work extremely hard only to come up with a couple thousand dollars in campaign funds. This becomes exhausting to the organization. The need for a single, strong, and competent mission that produces a large number of new donors is the single most important entity to not just keeping the doors of a non-profit open, but growing. If an organization can start to grow, the snowball effect can happen and the organization can lift off year after year with a single fundraiser. For most non-profit organizations, schools, and churches the idea of hosting one event that brings in ten times the amount of all of the events combined can seem like a pipe dream. Yet, over and over it has happened for all kinds of different organizations.

If there is any great new idea in raising money,golf fundraising by Profund would definitely qualify. Non-profits need to be able to tap into unknown resources in order to develop a strong and empowered place within their community.

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