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 The Right Way to Do a Marathon Golf Fundraiser

A marathon golf fundraiser can be done two ways. Naturally, you’re going to want to pick the right way. With the right information you and your organization can go for the gold with this type of event provided that you develop it into everything that it can be. It starts with motivating your organization to learn a few new techniques and ends with a great day on the golf course.

When you want to motivate your organization and get the key people involved to learn a few new techniques you have to wipe away what they think they know about putting on an event. Approaching this type of fundraiser with a whole new outlook can help put everything into perspective. By using contacts that your organization already has and developing key relationships with those contacts you can have a highly successful event.

Of course, that’s a big change if you’ve been relying on small fundraisers that are a lot of work and bring little reward. The idea of getting into the community in a different way can be an interesting change. A marathon golf fundraiser is really about bringing the force of contacts together with a day of fun. When those two elements combine you’ll find that teeing off has a whole new meaning for the future of your organization.

So how does it work? You help your key people learn how to develop the contacts that they have through a different kind of relationship. You don’t want them to simply call and ask for money but to invite them to participate in the fundraiser as well as within other community efforts. These contacts can be professional links that are not a high presence within the organization. Once you have the initial contact complete it’s easy to spread the information throughout the entire organization and get everyone on board. Before you know it the attendance rate is higher than you ever imagined and new donors are lining up at your fundraising event.

With a marathon golf fundraiser you can bring people from all different areas together and tee off with confidence. The entire event is based on various aspects of golf and there is no qualifier that states anyone within your group even needs to be able to successfully swing a club. All you are really looking for is interested parties who want to gather on the course and tee off for a great cause. These contacts can lead to new contacts and the continuation of new donors grows. This is why these events can be very successful.

A marathon golf fundraiser is fun regardless of the type of organization or cause you support. Kids and adults can participate equally in the fundraising efforts and the impact can be felt all the way through your membership. Whether you belong to a church, school, recreational or cause motivated organization the funds you need can be had with less sweat and more laughs than you ever thought possible.

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