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Turn Charity Fundraising Events into Fun Raising Activities

For so many people fundraising activities represent the gruel of non-profit organizations. Including schools and churches, the need for non-profits to raise money for operational costs is often consistent. The needs of a growing organization can be quite impressive, and gathering the funds to make it all happen can be a huge chore. That is, of course, unless you have a breath of fresh ideas to take your game to a whole new level.

Getting your volunteers to enjoy various fundraising activities is not easy. Not only do you have the history of the organization to overcome if your previous efforts were less than successful, but you also have to contend with the basic notion that it is always going to be a lot of work for anyone who gets involved. Too many organizations are carried by only a few dedicated volunteers who devote countless hours to raising money. The ease of getting a new idea off the ground is not always easy when it comes to building anticipation and excitement for the fundraising committee.

However, it can be done. The first step is to impress upon the volunteers and the staff how a new idea is different. The more you can get the message across that a fresh, new approach means less work for those who volunteer, the easier it will be to have everyone in a good mind frame when you present faster and less intensive ways of getting the job done.

The idea is to provide a good base of information that will help bring the old mindset around into a new one that can be more open to the possibilities. The term “networking” may not bring tons of cheers in the early transition. Networking is the key to developing a very strong base for the event and turning a day into one that is fun for all involved. By using the skills that are required for promoting an event to develop into networking skills, your success can be had faster and without the hard pavement pounding efforts that are often required for old school methods of raising funds.

The event itself can be exciting. Hosting a day of fun and games is much more suitable to the majority of individuals than walking groups of children around for door to door sales. With simple but fun activities, a fundraiser can actually be more like a party or fair than a lot of extra work. It can become a day that everyone looks forward to and thus is much more willing to put in the effort it takes to make a team. When the development and execution of fundraising activities are all about fun, more people are likely to get involved.

Your organization is perfectly capable of developing the funds that it needs in order to do much more than just function. Financial stability and self sufficiency are primary points when you are bringing an organization to its fullest potential.

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