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Is the Best Golf Marathon Easy?

It’s understandable that many people within various organizations believe that easy fundraising means low return fundraising. After all, we are taught that we get out of it what we put into it. If it isn’t complex, doesn’t require a lot of work, and actually runs smoothly then how can it be something that would have a high return? That principle just goes against the grain of most of us.

Yet, there are ways to have easy fundraising events that do not require a pound of sweat from each member of the organization. It’s time to replace the idea that we get out of it what we put into it with the idea that we can work smarter rather than harder. It all comes down to how you use your resources. Even if you have very few resources you can use them well or you can burn them out. Smart use of resources makes a big difference in the way your fundraising events unfold.

One of your greatest resources is the people you have who are there to help. Regardless of whether you have a handful or a whole team you can still put them to work in a way that is much more likely to bring in a great return on their small effort. The first and most basic step is to look at how well your team can network. Who do they know and how well do you believe that they can offer them a chance to come and have some fun while supporting your excellent cause?

Teaching volunteers or staff members to network is part of being able to get a great fundraiser going quickly and easily. Of course, that might mean that you would need to know what to teach them. Therein, typically, lies the problem. Most leaders within the organization do not know how to effectively network. Trying to teach what you don’t know is a frustrating ordeal. This is why it is important to get together with a professional that can literally show you what you’re missing. This is the connection that is most often missed.

Even when you have very few resources your little team can be taught to be as powerful as a bigger team that is working harder rather than smarter. With guidance and valuable information a small team can be a powerful fundraising force by working smarter. Fundraising experts like the professionals on the ProFund team can come in and show you and your volunteers or staff exactly how to use the resources you have in order to have great fundraising results. There is no reason why any organization can’t learn how to become more effective and efficient when putting together their events.

Easy fundraising is where the future of fundraising rests. The long days of trying to pull together a few willing souls to collect money, hold car wash events, sell things door to door, and charge for services that are less than professional can be over. The simple way is the effective and productive way to go about raising money for your organization. All of the basic principles are easy to execute and once you start the process you will see just how nice smooth sailing can be.

And using the Best Help Desk Support Software can insure you will succeed as well.

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