It is said that the fastest way to learn is to learn from the experts. In every sport, profession, hobby or way of life, people go through what is called a “Learning Curve”. This Curve is often a stage of trial and error, of learning what works and what doesn’t. If one does not have the patience or has the tenacity to continue, one can give up all too easily. One must be coached, mentored and guided.


Are you itching to amp up your game and skills? This article serves to be a guide to help people take their game of Golf to the next step.


Here are 7 steps to improve the quality of one’s skills from fair-to-middling to almost playing like a pro Golf player.


1. Consistency is key in pre-shots


    • Expert and Professional Golfers have the ability to focus on one goal: making a hole in one. That means that they block all distractions that would deter them from their goal. One of the ways that they do that is that they develop a pre-shot routine that works like clockwork so that they wouldn’t be bothered with small things that don’t need much focus and attention.


2. Purposeful Practice


  • Don’t just swing and club the ball. Have a purpose in mind and don’t just “play around” when playing the game: it could be mastering a technique or trimming shots from your scorecard. A great pedagogue once said, “Practice makes permanent not perfect” Be intentional with everything being done in practice to observe every movement that could contribute to a better shot

3. Know the distances of different clubs


  • Confidence comes from endless practices in the driving range. Test each club and see how it responds to the level of your skill, strength and capability. Test it until you can familiarize it to memory so that one’s mind can work on different creative solutions to solve problematic situations in the game itself.

4. Post impact consistency


  • Maintain the club in front of the chest at post impact to switch the weight of the body from the front side to the left. This keeps the consistency of the stroke.

5. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want


  • Golf is also a training ground for one’s mindset. Never think of Worst Case Scenarios because it would only set a person up for potential disaster. Never think, “I might drive the ball to the hazard.” Instead, be still and confident and expect on the focused goal that is desired.

6. The rule of thirds


  • A good tip is to strategize your strokes by dividing the green into three parts. Starting from the 1st third just around the hole all the way to the furthest part of the green one can determine whether a chip, pitch or putt should be used.

7. Problems can be broken down into simple bits


  • If a person has trouble focusing on a problem. The first step is to be clear about what the problem really is and know the small unit one can work on to remedy the problem.


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In the contemporary world, there are a number of sports to choose from, especially if one is considering a new hobby or simply just trying a sport. With the name itself, sometimes, sports reflect that an individual interested in playing such must be physically fit.


Conversely, the sport, Golf, is one of the most followed sports these days. One does not necessarily need to be extremely fit to play the sport; almost anyone could actually play the game. It has been popular for centuries as it has made quite an impact on the sports industry. Some undergo golfing due to its simplicity in terms of game play. However, amidst all the fuss about golfing, little do the masses know about where the sport originated. The entire history of the sport is currently being debated by different scholars and countries with regards to its origins. Many countries present different documents illustrating that golf has begun in their own respective countries.


On the 26th of February in 1297, a comparable game took place in a town in the Netherlands named Loenen aan de Vecht. A Dutch player made use of a stick and a leather ball and whoever strikes the ball with the smallest amount of strokes into a hole yards away was acknowledged the winner. However, some scholars and reports from continental Europe argue that they have already played such game predating the one which took place in Loenen aan de Vecht.


On April 2005, the birth of the sport has once again been questioned. Professor Ling Hongling from Lanzhou University argued that a similar game took place in China, 500 years prior than the game which took place in Scotland. Documents from the Song Dynasty, a game called chuíwán with inclusions of drawings of the said game. Players supposedly used 10 clubs with some of them similar to a driver.


Amidst all the arguments about the origins of the game, it is generally accepted as a Scottish discovery. The initial documented citing of it in Scotland was stated in a 1457 Act of the Scottish Parliament, a proclamation issued by King James II of Scotland which forbids the playing of golf and football as they were considered as a diversion from archery exercise of military functions. Similar bans have again been present in the Acts of 1471 and 1491. Some records suggest that King James IV of Scotland played the sport at Musselburgh Links on the 2nd of March 1672, despite his ban of the sport. The Old Links, Musselburgh is considered as the earliest golf course in the world.


It is of no surprise that numerous countries are taking credit of the sport’s origin considering it is a very popular sport. Despite the numerous disagreements on where the famous sport originated, the privilege of playing it is continuously being enjoyed today. Many are fascinated with the plainness of the game and how anyone could venture into the sport. Gain possession of the sport’s club, ball and a hole and one has got himself a game to take pleasure in.

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