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November 25, 2009 by steve

Golf Marathon Players at fundraiser

Here are the criteria we used to select our fundraising format. We wanted: a campaign with a small leadership team of volunteers that required little or no staff supervision; a campaign that can be accomplished in 90 days or less; a campaign with the capacity to earn over $50,000! Our criteria eliminated most of the traditional event formats. They required too many people, took too much time, or did not meet our funding goals. We decided to implement the “-athon” type of pledge campaign. We chose golf because it is easier to recruit networked people to take a day off to play golf than to walk, jog, bowl or bike. In addition, the other “-athons” relied heavily on Moms and kids and we wanted Dad in the mix. And, when we started the Golf Marathon no one else had thought of it.

Mike worked for Josh until 1992. Josh’s ministry had grown to a point where he no longer needed to use events for a source of funding. Mike shared with Josh his vision to use the golf marathon to help ministries and charities across the country reach and exceed their funding goals. Josh recommended Mike to other Campus Crusade ministries and ProFund was born. We have to date, directed over 4000 events which have produced over $135,000,000 dollars. The Classic 100 Golf Marathon is the best campaign fund-raiser in existence today.

Our goal for every campaign is $100,000. A typical first year campaign raises $35,000 to $70,000 dollars and nets 70% or more of the proceeds. In addition, it develops 600 to 1000 new donors. And, 80% of the funds raised, will be from people who have never given to the organization before. The greatest asset an organization has is the people who are committed to it. The Classic 100 Golf Marathon is a good steward of their time and talent and will give participants the feeling of a real accomplishment at the conclusion.

ProFund becomes your out-source development team for the duration of the campaign. The Campaign Administrator locates three volunteers to fill the leadership positions in our format. We create a Campaign Website for you, and direct your effort with a completely scripted campaign. We allow your organization to focus on one aspect – who are the most networked people you know? You need people committed to your organization, who will ask for pledges to help meet and exceed your funding requirements.

ProFund trains your leadership team, and with them, implements a strategy for the campaign based on your mission for the funds, the resources, and the time available. The Campaign Administrator (Executive Director, Principal, Athletic Director, Administrator), provides top down motivation and encouragement; helps recruit participants for the event; and continues to meet the day to day challenges of the organization. ProFund reports to the Campaign Administrator and, as we build a rapport with your volunteers, the leadership and participants will learn to contact us with their questions and requirements.

Years of successful campaigns, are the legacy that awaits your decision. Trust ProFund with your fund development needs. We look forward to serving you.

Hal Clifford, CEO

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